Art as a Second Language

Initiator: Alex Cyusa
Conversation Participants: Amber Morgan, Kim Citrowske, Eric McDaniel
Discussion Report: 

  • Arts and culture can retain and attract workers

  • Sense of belonging in arts as a universal language

    • can be used to address social issues

  • Bringing art outside gets more people outside

    • year round public art walks

  • Tax incentives for film production can bring film production teams to the FM area

  • Moorhead projects to revitalize downtown Moorhead and 8th Street

    • Sticks garden near Ace Hardware and M&H
    • Sidewalk poetry had 304 submissions with 80 selected poems
  • Community art programs for youth

  • Space for artists to collaborate

  • Arts planning group

    • meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 7am at City Hall

  • Broadway

    • each block particular historical theme