Walk [Fargo]

Walk Your City is simple idea to create a context of walkability. It’s often difficult to conceptualize the distance to a destination when the given comparison is only measured by miles traveled by car. Our understanding can be greatly increased by adjusting our measurement to duration, rather than distance. About how long will it take for me to walk?

Walkyourcity.org began as a Kickstarter campaign that built an online infrastructure that enabled individuals to order customized signs that state walking times to important destinations in their neighborhoods. We used walkyourcity.org to create 24 signs for two intersections in Downtown Fargo.

The impact of a few new signs on Broadway was staggering. After a week of being posted, three news stories, countless Facebook likes, and a buzz on the streets… the signs disappeared.

The City of Fargo took the signs down because they didn’t meet the city’s code for street signage, but there was just one problem: they still liked and wanted the signs. After working with the city towards a solution, they decided that they not only would allow the signs, but they would help to recreate them into permanent downtown signage.

So why are the signs important? They spark a discussion about the places that we need and want to travel to and they show that it’s possible to walk there. In conversations about urban development and growth, the question is always asked ‘where will we park?’, but what would our city look like if we first asked, ‘will it be easy and pleasant walk?' 


To learn more about Walk Your City, take a look at this video:

Posted on May 4, 2015 and filed under Demonstration.