Welcome to the Night Bazaar

The Night Bazaar drew out a magic in our community that we never could have expected. Over four events, we worked with 39 artisans and small business owners, 36 musicians, and 4 graffiti artists.

By luck and fate, we met our friends at Turn & Burn Fire Crew who lit up the night at the end of each event drawing in kids and adults alike for their mesmerizing performances. From there, we met Kati Rose who wowed us with her areal performances and Kirby Berg who showed us how he makes his intricate and colorful glass.

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Poets, Lauren Starling and Emily Vieweg, typed up poetry for visitors on the spot as Jessy Hegland read tarot cards.

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These instances showed the power of our community, and when given the proper space, how individual, unique creativity shines. For the first season of Night Bazaar, we couldn’t have asked for more as it evolved itself each month. How it seemed to draw from all corners of our community bringing 3,500 visitors over our four events.

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We asked what you what your experience at the event was like and we think that this visitor testimony says it all:

The Night Bazaar provided a space for connection for neighbors throughout our community. I saw families, friends, and individuals of all walks of life enjoying a free space together that was made to feel welcoming. It didn’t matter if you had money to spend there or not. You could create the experience you most needed at the Night Bazaar. Relaxing on the turf under the sun shade, pretending the blue painted cement was water and building a bridge with the giant jenga over it, shaking your booty to some local tunes, get in a little shopping. But for everyone... Community, culture and a welcoming space for all.
— Visitor Testimony
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Thank you to all of our performers, vendors, and artists, Front Street Taproom, Chad Lloyd Frankl for booking our stage, Fargo Pinball for bringing their machines to every event, and to our sponsors and partners, Kilbourne Group, Livewire Entertainment, The Forum, Robert Gibb and Sons, Bell Bank, Visit Fargo Moorhead, Accelerated Greenworks, and Dog IDs.

Posted on October 25, 2018 .