Canoe Parade 2018: Wonder on the Water


The flotilla of decorated vessels launched for the second annual Canoe Parade on September 23rd. With 17 canoes and kayaks and 180 viewers on shore, the response to the parade blew us out of the water.


Viewers walked along paths, sat in trees, and even carried their chairs (and kids) down to the muddy banks to catch a glimpse.

canoeparade-6421 (1).jpg

The floats are created from the paddler’s imaginations, so no two are ever alike. However, as each float passes by, you can see that they are wearing one thing in common: a huge grin.


Though the Canoe Parade is not often a paddler’s first time in a vessel, it is often their first voyage on the Red River; the body of water that they live closest to and pass by the most often. The parade cultivates a culture of outdoor recreation on the river and along its trails, while fostering a love for the river itself.


We hope that Canoe Parade captures your imagination, whether you choose to watch from shore or to launch a float of your own. The parade serves to reminds us of the power and beauty of the Red River.

The Canoe Parade is supported by River Keepers, Moorhead Parks, and the Fargo Arts and Culture Commission. We’re proud to bring our two communities together on our bordering river.

Photos were taken by Friesen Photography, boldly kayaking where few photographers would. You can see a gallery of his photos from the parade here:

Posted on October 10, 2018 .