Building an Engaged Community

Initiator: Barry Nelson, Karen Stoker
Conversation Participants: Anne Savereide, Eric McDaniel, David Myers, Hukun Abdullahi, Hamida Dakane, Mariah Rud, Ron Gaul, Scott Mathern-Jacobson, Kelly Noack, Sara Watson Curry
Discussion Report: 

  • Small actions of speaking out, courage

  • Safety, organizing, safety in numbers

  • Mentoring on how to be impactful

  • Fear free, fear less

  • Congregation to congregation interaction, interfaith

  • Making boards inclusive

  • Role of elected leaders

  • Community events, marches

  • Student non-violence coordinating committee

  • Call out institutions

  • Speaking truth to power

  • Honesty about our history

  • Engage with LSS to welcome refugees

  • Telling stories