Female Entrepreneurs

Initiator: Dayna Del Val
Conversation Participants: McCal Joy Johnson, Gia Rassier, James Whirlwind Soldier, Ryan Keel, Brittany Stevenson
Discussion Report:

  • Tech can be over valued
  • Women take a back seat to straight, educated white boys in start-up
  • Are women including themselves in the conversations
  • E-commerce valued? The arts community is largely e-commerce
  • Can One Million Cups expand their definition of “tech”
  • Can Folkways expand its work to provide 1MC for non-tech?
  • What’s the vision of this non-tech world entrepreneurs?
  • National conversation has put us on the map but at what cost? What is our local map definition?
  • Collective of support from tech community to the “other”


  • TAP and EP work together on an article, create shareable, visible content
  • Can we create spaces for these conversations to happen?
  • More women on EP board
  • Contact create a shared conversation meet up