Local Resources

Initiator: Ross Lockhart and Jon Walters
Conversation Participants: Megan Myrdal, Courtney Schaff, Levi Bachmeier, Bobbi Jo Cody
Discussion Report: 

Indoor growing

  • Utilizing underused growing space

Changing the paradigm of ‘where do I get my stuff?’

  • Psychological aspects of sourcing ‘local’

Creating year-round spaces (big and small)

  • Building community with good urban spaces
    • Who builds these spaces? (city, businesses, etc
    • Community disconnect within FM suburban area
    • Bridging the gap between downtown and non downtown communities

Encouraging more people to become producers

  • Teach them how to do it
  • Pockets of land around FM area
  • Put yards back to work!
  • How do we aggregate local produce?