Safe and Affordable Housing

Initiator: Cody Schuler
Conversation Participants: Verna Kragnes, Crystal Jamerson, Nate Heinold
Discussion Report: 

We identified several related issues to make affordable housing a reality in our community

  • Transportation
  • Affordable Childcare
  • Living Wages
  • Policy Issues

Conversation Focus

  • Improving local mass transit
  • Creating affordable ride sharing particularly by having employers contribute to the solution
  • Affordable car ownership and how programs like a co-op could be created to help low income earners get to work while saving to purchase transportation in the long run
  • Policy opportunity for the community where building new housing could have financial incentives to create funding for developing affordable housing 
  • Value in changing policy so single family property could be made into multi family dwellings
  • Need to create and amplify existing financial education to help people save for homeownership
  • Business community could be tapped to create benefits for employees (similar to flex spending) for housing and homeownership. This creates happier and better employees.