Business Resources for Non-Startups

Initiator: Ashley Thornberg
Conversation Participants: Preston Johnson, John Rodenbiker
Discussion Report: 

How to harvest energy

  • Support efforts like One Million Cups and apply that to businesses that are no longer startups but are ready to break to the next level
  • Something between One Million Cups and SCORE
    • Alumni, mentorship, skills share

Industry associations

  • Local, similar businesses, 2-3x a year

Start ups will grow up or die
Venture capital, not charging for services but getting “stock”
Cultural norms to pull up bootstraps - ASK FOR HELP
Rule of 80/20
Strengths finder book, Myers Briggs, focus on those strengths
Next generation of “good-old boys club”

  • Quality connections
  • More nuanced discussions
  • Agenda:
    • Pain points as start
    • Find experts first
  • Structured growth
  • Have a fee
    • Keeps out the looky-lous
  • Doesn’t have to be industry specific
  • Accountability partners
  • Approached chamber of commerce

Be where the venn diagram of excitement from start ups, experience from retirement, interpersonal relationships from business consultants.