Student Engagement

Initiator: Eric McDaniel, Kene Okigbo
Conversation Participants: Mariah Rud, Jordan Maahs, Alex Cyusa, Constance Pearson
Discussion Report: 

Why does it matter?

  • Disconnection is much easier when students are not involved

Do the universities advocate community involvement?

  • Most companies at job fairs aren’t local jobs

What are the benefits?

  • What can Fargo offer that others can’t?
  • Incentivization

Develop a campus feel by allowing community engagement

New Americans don’t always have the opportunity to engage

Off campus networking opportunities

  • hub where students can engage with potential employers

Long term return (leaving and coming back)


Bridging professionals and students

  • giving mentorship to students and creating a fun medium for interaction
  • business professional associations

STLF (Students Today Leaders Forever)

Meeting of Tri-College alumni

  • Cross connection of other school’s alumni

Big Brothers Big Sisters

  • Opportunity for students to give back

Ameri Corps Program

  • Student loan payment
  • Stipend

Extra credit

Social media on community happenings

Force community engagement in classes

Required community engagement credit for graduation


  • Individually connecting students through communication
  • Keeping it fun
  • Connecting the community with students rather than connecting students with the community