Recognizing the Red River

Initiator: Ashley Thornberg
Conversation Participants: Ross Lockhart, Bobbi Jo Cody
Discussion Report: 

Promote waterfront activities and engagement

  • PR Campaign - rebrand from flooding and drowning

Interrelated with urban sprawl, develop the “core”

  • Collaborations between river cities
  • Missing core infrastructure for use
  • Boardwalks
    Interconnected bike paths

River as food source

  • New Americans set strong example
  • Develop without polluting

More places to cross
Deepen the channel?

Be aware of it being a threat

Recreating the Red

  • River Area Festivals - POI
  • River Map
  • Geocaching or scavenger hunts
  • Streets Alive for the river
  • Walking tour
  • Kayak tour
  • River swim
  • Cross country skiers


  • River front cafe
  • Art forest
  • Warming house architecture
  • Sauna pit stops
  • Clover picking
  • Hay ride
  • Concerts, Dike
  • Buskers