folk·ways /fōkwāz/ 

the traditional behavior or way of life

of a particular community or group of people


We believe that a culture is the sum of conversations within its community, which is why we put a high priority on coffee dates.

More than politicians and program leaders, we view the small-business shopkeepers, baristas, bartenders, and artists as keepers of a community’s culture.

It’s for this reason that we come alongside these everyday folks and seek to understand how we might support them as they go about tending to culture.

After gaining an understanding of the state of our community from the ground floor, and developing quite a caffeine buzz, we discover ways to serve our culture creators and engage our community.

If we wrote ballads, launched businesses, and served beverages from a deep sense of belonging, then how much more compelling could our everyday lives become?


Folkways aims to explore the depths of that question.